Machine learning powered promos for Shopify stores.

bandit ml sends the right offer at the right time to your customers to boost profit & retention. Our recommendations increase profit by 2-20%.

$2 off
$5 off

Why ?


Prioritize your offers

Don't send a customer a 20% discount when 5% would incentivize them equally well. We use advanced machine learning techniques to learn your customers' likelihood to purchase and make sure your offers have the most impact.


Protect your profit

Personalized codes for your customers mean coupon aggregators like RetailMeNot and Honey can't give your promotions to customers that were ready to buy without one.


Our model improves over time

Our machine learning model is constantly updated using your store's data. Over time our recommendations get better and better.

How ?


One click install

Define a few promotion options for us to choose from, such as, $0, $5, and $20 off. We'll use your store's transaction and visit data to figure out the right thing to do for every customer. We integrate with Shopify & Klaviyo so integration takes only minutes.


Tell your customers the good news

We crunch the numbers and tell you which users should get a promotion and for how much. Use one of our email marketing integrations (e.g. Klaviyo) to send out our recommendations, or better yet let us do it for you! Modify and tweak our recommendations to your liking if you want.


Watch metrics improve over time

We immediately start learning from what happened to optimize the next round of promotions, so they keep getting better.

Trusted by companies and individuals
Retention is a super important metric for us given the highly recurring nature of our business. We knew we could improve retention using an approach similar to Bandit ML, but hadn't found an off-the-shelf product until these guys came along.

- Co-founder, Calii

Bandit ML was easy to integrate into our site and our first experiment ended up substantially increasing revenue for one of our products.

- Senior Product Manager, Namecheap

The Bandit ML team walked me through the integration process and within a few weeks we were able to see experiment results that significantly improved our metrics.

- Co-founder, Leon & George

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